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Bible Study

Well, hello everyone! Welcome to the Bible Study here on Friday evening, March 11th. It’s hard to believe that the Bible Study season has flown by as quickly as it has. But this last week for the time change and it works out just perfectly. We’ll end up with Chapters 27 and 28 tonight. There’s a few more verses so I’m sure we’ll use the whole time to get through the material, but the very exciting last couple chapters that Luke was inspired to write here in the account of Acts. Okay, let’s get into Verse 1, Acts 27 and we’re now going to look at Paul’s voyage or trip to Rome and it’s an exciting trip. These are a couple really exciting chapters here to close the Book of Acts. Verse 1 and when it was decided that we should sail to Italy, they delivered Paul and some other prisoners to one named Julius, a centurion of the Augustine regiment.

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