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Bible Study

Tonight what I want to do is what I have been doing and continue going through the Book of Acts. On Friday evenings we’ve been working on 1 hour studies, working through the end of John and now into the Book of Acts and we’ll go through the entire book by the end of the season here will run right up to about Spring time change or thereabouts. And these are every Friday night usually at 7, we push this to 7:30 because of the activities here and dinner and all the sports, give time for people to shower up and get dressed and be here tonight. But these will be regularly on Friday nights, most of you already listen in. If you haven’t, you’re new, you’ll get to see this is kind of what we do on a Friday night. We have really great opportunities to learn more about God’s word. When I put the studies together I was pulling out my Ambassador College notes and Good News articles and letters from Personal correspondence and all the other sources of information I can draw from.

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