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Feast of Tabernacles

Well we have a lot of young families here at the Feast, which is a wonderful thing to see. It was good to see last night, liked and enjoyed watching the young kids get out there early, right? After dinner we had a nice time last night and the little kids, I mean they just can’t wait to get out there. They want, they want to put a little boogie in, right? They want to get out there and they start moving. They, just that youthful exuberance they get on the dance floor and then teens followed suit right away. It’s wonderful to see all the young families. All the young families from with young children, babies, all the way up to families where it’s 2nd or even 3rd generation Christians in the Church of God. It’s wonderful to have grandparents here at the Feast with their grandchildren, with their children and to see it. You know, I’m a dad myself, I’ve got 1 of my children here.

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