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Sabbath Services

So for the sermon, last week I made a quick trip to Kansas City to be at the funeral for Mr. Skip Stephenson. I certainly didn’t know him as well as most of the close friends and family there in the room, but I always enjoyed seeing Skip and spending time, the time that we shared. He was always someone I looked forward to seeing. And some people are like that, you just see them and they light up a room, they’re infectious and he certainly was like that. He worked at the Living Church of God headquarters for a while and he was somebody easy to talk to. He was so positive, again I looked forward to seeing him and each every time. I think about it and sometimes I wish I would have told him in person, it’s one of those things where sometimes we just don’t say those things to each other. We think it all the time, we thank God for them, we just don’t say it in person but I’ll get that opportunity someday soon, to share that with him. But at the Memorial they played one of those slide shows

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