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Sabbath Services

I do want to talk about a topic that’s really timely for this time of year but also a topic that really fits year-round for all of us. And the title of sermon is: God of Mercy. And I’d like to use as the basis for a sermon an example that we find in the Old Testament of a King. And if you’re thinking in the Old Testament about kings you’re thinking about good kings, you’re thinking about wicked kings. Today I want to talk about the most wicked king, whoever ruled the land of Judah and asked the question, does that king still have a chance to enter the Kingdom of God or not? And how do we know based on scriptures. And we want to learn some lessons from this King Manasseh. Manasseh’s father as many of you are aware was a righteous King, a prosperous King.

Sermon ID: 1657274314