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Welcome to the Bible Study and we’re just beginning here as we look the sun’s going to be setting here and another day has passed and that’s the way time works, right? That’s the way time works. Time marches on and sometimes we consider these things we understand that time has passed. Well, when do we start camp? Was it about 2 weeks ago? Would you all agree that we’ve been here approximately 2 weeks? That’s good because we’re going to ask a lot of questions tonight. We’re going to talk about time and we’re going to talk about time that has passed and the way that things are and the way that things have changed. We’re going to look at God and His time frame. God’s plan. Because believe it or not I know you’ve heard this countless times, but believe it or not God actually does have a plan. He actually has a plan he’s been carrying something out from the very beginning. You know we talk about the difficult days that are ahead. The most devastating time in human history.

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