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Bible Study

Well good evening everybody, Happy Sabbath, welcome to the Sabbath bible study here on Friday March 12th. This will be our 2nd to the last bible study, we will have one more next week and tonight we’ll start in John Chapter 16 beginning in Verse 8 where we left off last week and get through all of Chapter 16, 17 and into Chapter 18 and then next week we’ll finish up Chapter 18 and 19, we’ll get to the death of Jesus Christ, kind of go through all the events at the end of his life and that will end our Spring bible studies before Passover because the following Friday night will be the Passover, then we’ll pick it back up in the fall with the Resurrection of Christ, the commission to his Disciples and then get right into the Acts of the Apostles in the Book of Acts. Let’s get into Chapter 16 here tonight.

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