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Bible Study

Well everybody as I mentioned the summer has flown by and we’re finally back here on Friday nights after the time change with Bible Studies. We could call these Sabbath bibles studies but I know it’s not the Sabbath for everyone. Some of you are in different time zones, might be before or after the Sabbath by the time you hear it. But what we’ve been doing here going through Matthew, Mark, Luke and John the four Gospel accounts, has taken some time. This is lecture number 66, lectures here to cover all four gospel accounts in detail. I didn’t rush through them. I tried to take time and explain things as we went but that’s really equivalent to about two full semesters of a college course on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. Tonight we’re going to wrap up the last two chapters in the Book of John and then next Friday night we’ll move on to the Book of Acts.

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