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Bible Study

Well good evening friends, welcome to Sabbath Bible Study here, there is a lot going on these days and I’m feeling good. I was under the weather and had pneumonia there, but pulled through and feel great so I’m glad to be back, back in the groove here on Friday nights. We’re moving in to John chapter 5 and 6. Before I get started I just wanted to mention to everybody, look we’ve been working hard and Mr. Fritts is going to be flying out here next week to go through some meetings with me for a couple days and others and we’ve been working hard on getting a camp or at least a plan for summer camp this year and we’re actually looking to buy some property, build a camp, develop it, maybe have something that we can even use for a Feast site if down the line we do a 9 month training program, have a facility that we can do that in, be able to use it for church’s in the area, for a local church hall and also congregations to be able to come and use it as wanted or needed, and so it would have a lot of purposes and certainly be a blessing to the church.

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