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Sabbath Services

Justice has fallen in the streets and those who stand for truth are preyed upon (Isaiah 59 vs. 12-15). Knowledge has increased, but wisdom and understanding have fallen in the streets (Daniel 12 vs. 4). Do we have boiling frog syndrome? Have we gotten so use to the increasingly warm water around us that we are heading towards being boiled alive? Are we keeping ourselves separate from the sins of the world, or are we just falling into sin a bit slower than the world is? We cannot be on a moral lag; we must be morally steadfast. Despite the tremendous advancements in math, science, and physical knowledge, the world has become completely ignorant to the more important aspects of intelligence- wisdom and understanding. This world has been given over to a debased mind. Mr. Kreyer outlines four key facts underpinning Godly knowledge and wisdom: (1) True knowledge and wisdom come only from God. (2) To fully comprehend true wisdom and knowledge, God’s Holy Spirit is required. (3) The understanding of true knowledge and wisdom bears good fruit. (4) To acquire true knowledge and wisdom, humility is required.