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Bible Study

Tonight I would like to start with a couple quick reminders. Before the Great Tribulation, before things get really bad, there are a few events that take place in sequence. We’re not going to go through tons and tons of things tonight I promise, but I do want to review this very briefly as kind of an introduction. So if you would turn with me to Luke, Chapter 21. There are things that we want to watch out for, we want to pay attention to these world events. And young people, senior members wherever you’re at, wherever you’re from, if you don’t know this general sequence, it’s important. These events right here at the end and I’m talking about very specific ones, it’s going to be something you want to look for perhaps not look forward to but something you want to look for and so turn to Luke 21 and we’re going to go to Verse 20 and again, very specific order of events. Luke 21 and Verse 20. But when you see Jerusalem surrounded by armies, that’s big right there. When you see Jerusalem surrounded by armies then know that its desolation is near.

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