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Bible Study

Happy Sabbath everyone, welcome to the Friday night Bible study here again. Tonight we’ll get going through Luke Chapter 22 and a good portion of Chapter 23 so we’ll be picking up in Chapter 2 where we left off. It’s really a pleasure to do these Bible studies. It’s been as good for me, I’m sure as it is for you to go back through these things and review them, very important stuff, life and teachings of Jesus Christ. Well, once again, great to be here, these Friday night Bible studies, kind a fun, it’s really busy. As you know, we’ve been moving and packing and a lot going on but it really is great to be able to be involved in a couple weddings here recently and still just try to keep the ball in the air and keep these Bible studies rolling. So tonight we’re going to pick back up in Verse 39 in Luke Chapter 22 where we left off.

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