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Sabbath Services

Well, good afternoon. What is your favorite book? Other than the Bible for our purposes today you can’t say the Bible or any books of the Bible. Do you have a favorite book? Maybe a novel or an author that you enjoy reading. Well personally when it comes to these what are your favorite type questions, for me I sometimes struggle to go with one of my favorite movie or food or book. Sometimes it depends on my mood, sometimes favorites change over time. For example some movies that I liked years and years ago don’t seem to have aged very well over time, although it is entirely possible I haven’t aged very well over time. But to answer this what is your favorite book question right now, I would probably have to pick the novel East of Eden by John Steinbeck. Now back in high school as part of the curriculum I was forced to read a number of Steinbeck works, The Pearl, Grapes of Wrath and I wasn’t a big fan so I wasn’t particularly thrilled not long ago…

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