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Youth Christian Living

Well, before camp when my kids found out that I’d been assigned a Christian Living class, one of my children who will remain nameless said, there’s no way I can keep you all awake and alert and engaged for an entire Christian Living class here in the second week of camp. This child of mine claimed you’d just be all too tired, too exhausted so no matter what happens up here, it was going to be a snooze fest out there. Yes, snooze fest were the exact words used to describe what’s happening. When I asked if there was any possible way I could make it interesting for you all this child of mine said, on the second week of camp, no way. Mr Monson can’t do it, Mr. Fritts can’t do it, no one can do it. But you’ve just given me a challenge so I’m going to take it on. Here we go, by the way it was not my favorite daughter, Julia who said any of these things. …

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