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Sabbath Services

So we are making preparations for the Fall Holy day season. I know that you start to kind of count down. We’ve often done the feast chains and things like that. Feast of Trumpets is 16 days away, so is that a week, 2 weeks from Monday. The Feast of Tabernacles is 4 weeks from tomorrow, that’s the opening night. Day of Atonement of course right in the middle of all that. We are no doubt focusing on our attention on the days ahead. Getting ready for another great fall Holy day season. It’s exciting, again I love, I saw the leaves starting to drop, starting to fall there even though it’s still warm, we’re starting to see those leaves going down and you know what’s coming next. You know what we’re looking forward to. You know what’s around the corner. Again I know I mentioned just a few moments ago but when the air gets a little bit cool you’re gonna feel it, you get at least 1 time I know the temperatures are gonna drop. You’ll get that feeling and it’s almost like you can smell it in the air like you know what’s coming, Fall Holy Day Season.

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