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Sabbath Services

Today I want to talk about it, really it’s a newsworthy topic. The title of this sermon, if you write titles is: The Beast IS Rising in Europe. And all of our young people it seems that are attending here are pretty zealous and they, I noticed that a lot of them are really putting the time in to prove things. Just study the bible, they’re going back and listening and listening to telecasts and things back in Worldwide and reading articles, the Correspondence course and other things and doing their homework. And it’s a great way to get an education in the bible and things of the bible is to go back and read and study what men were inspired to write. And how they explained and how they taught what the scriptures meant and you know gave us a good foundation to build on. God always says, “Prove all things”. Make sure the bible actually says what you’re reading and you prove it out, study it.

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