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Sabbath Services

Okay, so what are you waiting for? What are you waiting for? Or are you waiting to commit yourself to a life of change? It’s awesome to see so many of you here. Campers, we’re so glad that you came that you wanted to be here or for those whose parents forced them to come, thank you for giving it a shot. We hope you’re having a great time, but in a week we’re all going to go home. It will be over fast, it does goes by quickly. And we’re going to quickly be reminded that since we’ve been here the world has kept right on spinning. While we learn about God while we laugh and play games, while we make friends and build relationships, people out there continue to suffer. And we’re going to have to go right back to it and that is the reality that Jesus Christ set up for us. He didn’t put us off on some deserted island, different section or corner of this planet off by ourselves. He left us right here in the middle of all of it.

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