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Hi there, hope you’re having a fantastic weekend and a great day. Guess what? We are finally back at it again here and we are going to finish up The Law, Statutes and Judgements series right here today. We’re going to focus on answering some of the tough or sometimes confusing questions about, The Law, Statutes and Judgements. As we discussed last time the Ceremonial law or the Sacrificial system is the only part of law that is not currently in practice. We do not offer physical sacrifices as strong biblical evidence demonstrates that Jesus Christ was the ultimate sacrifice. We understand that it was God’s ceremonial law that was often considered burdensome, not God’s Ten Commandments as that Ceremonial law would have been difficult, it would have been a tough thing to carry out, the practice of it in their everyday lives. So, if that’s the case, if The Law, Statutes and Judgements are still in effect, how do we apply these things today?

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