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I really appreciate Mr. Loper’s sermon this morning since he basically covered what I had planned to cover. We�??ll just have Mr. Scarborough if you would now go ahead, press play and we’ll just watch his. So thank everyone, we�??ll see you next time. Just kidding, it was a ton of fun redoing and re-writing the entire sermon for this afternoon during the lunch break. I really enjoyed that. Again, Happy Feast. It is a special day, it’s a time when we get to be together that is unique. You get this double Sabbath, we get a little extra time as a family to spend together, always appreciate that. The reminders of what God is doing, the reminders of this day, the reality of the blessing, the calling, the opportunity, it’s something so special for all of us. We look around, the families that we are, the people that come from all over. So many stories, so many coming out trying to change their life.

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