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Sabbath Services

Again it is great to be home. Well, I guess at my parents home. It’s ok, we’re making progress on our house kind of, someday we’ll get in there, someday. We’ve just finished another year of God’s Feast and so we come back and we reflect, we think about it. We have officially rehearsed God’s perfect plan for this year. This year 2022 what did we learn this year? What did we learn? Anything new? Not new truth but perhaps something new about ourselves as God continues to shape and mold us. We hope so, we hope so. We hope that everyone of us is making progress and the only way to progress is to break down barriers found in our own nature. Making correction and furthering our development. Making ourselves ready for what lies ahead. Making ourselves ready for what lies ahead. As we all know the plan of God is revealed through His Feasts.

Sermon ID: 1668410779