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Sabbath Services

All scripture has been written for our admonition. Are we heeding the warnings, learning from history on our exodus out of spiritual Egypt and on into the wilderness towards our promised land? The Olivet prophecy details the terrible end-time persecutions that will culminate in the Great Tribulation. In the end, “the love of many will wax cold.” What does it mean for our love to “wax cold”? What causes it? How do we avoid it? Mr. Kreyer seeks to answer all these questions today by laying out three warning signs to watch for that our love may be growing cold: (1) We have a lack of natural affection. The systematic removal of God from our nation left a void. That void has been filled by debased minds, those influenced by Satan and his demons. Romans 1 shows us what a debased mind looks like. Malachi 2 and other scriptures link the role of divorce in waxing cold our love. (2) Have lost -or being at risk of losing- our first love. This is the one correction placed upon the church at Ephesus in Revelation 2. The consequence? Removal of the lampstand. The remedy? “Repent and do your first works.” When we are spiritually lost, we must go back to the beginning to re lay our foundation and rekindle our zeal for the truth and the work of God. (3) Becoming lukewarm. God will “vomit [the lukewarm] out of his mouth” as we are told in Revelation 3. We cannot simply go through the motions. This cannot be “just another Sabbath.” We must be fervent and passionate in our desire to spread the truth and live God’s way. Those who sigh and cry for the abominations at the end of the age are spared from the sword (Ezekiel 9). The atrocities committed daily that surround us, and the fact that we are currently powerless to save them, should compel us to have great compassion. As God’s elect, we should be zealous, passionate, all-in people. God wants us to love one another and above all else love Him. Christians should be showing this love by living it in our daily actions if we wish to someday inherit our eternal promised la