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Sabbath Services

Are you of the “victory at all costs” mindset when it comes to God’s way of life? We are battling in the war for our minds. The Newtonian laws of physics tell us that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Predating the established physics principle is God’s word telling mankind that to every action is a consequence. The best, most beautiful laws are the simplest ones. Through the parallel lives of Cain and Abel, we can see the domino effect of two ways of life- one from sin and selfishness and one from righteousness and sacrifice. God has called us to action. Inaction is an action too. The comfort and ease apparent from a life of inaction is, in actuality, a life of apathy and stagnation and boredom. It makes a mockery of religion to pay it lip service only. Our calling is a verb. Hebrews 11 details the heroes of faith- people of action. People of living faith. 3 keys to fulfilling our calling of action: (1) Seek the will of God and act on it. (2) Seek out and act on the love of God. (3) Be led by the Holy Spirit. The future belongs to the so-doing. God has given us all the power and tools to succeed if we only trust in Him and do our part, and act.