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Sabbath Services

Overcoming is an active process and it is our choice. Ephesians 2 explains a condition in which we can be dead to sin, to the forbidden fruit, yet alive to God, to the tree of life. Satan wants to saturate our minds in filth. Do you let yourself be distracted from what matters and brought into the salacious world of politics, war, violence, drama, sex, escapism, etc.? This is the most important war in human history- the war for our minds. God’s family, eternal life, incorruptible inheritance are at stake. We need to fight and to fight to win. Let the influences on your life be on God’s, not Satan’s, frequency. Satan is a quarreler. He is not gentle, humble, nor kind. His way is one of total- physical, mental, emotional, spiritual captivity. God and His truth encompass the way of freedom, liberty, and peace. We have been given the opportunity to cast off the yoke of bondage. To have friendship with God, however, is to forsake friendship with the world- and vice versa. Are you wrestling? Fighting? Or are you passively letting the conflict wash over you? We must actively drive the enemy out of our land, inch by inch, day by day. Even the apostle Paul struggled to bring his thoughts into captivity. Trials show us where our dead weight is. We need to cast off these weights and run to win. What is the sin which so easily ensnares you? Ephesians 6 gives us the weapons of our warfare. Christian warfare is not only a defensive position. We are to push forward, pressing the enemy out of our mental landscape. We should sharpen our swords by prayer and fasting. Then comes depth of belief. Without the Day of Atonement, there is no Feast of Tabernacles. This life is not easy, but if we dwell on the right things (Philippians 4) and put on the whole armor of God (Ephesians 6), then we will have God on our side to win this war.