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Sabbath Services

Thank you very much ladies, did a wonderful job, see that they go to camp. We see them sing it at camp and then they come back and that’s what happens. You just got to get up here and do it some more. It’s fantastic, we love to have it. It’s exciting to see the wonderful talent we did have at camp. We were able to get to spend some time with the young people and see all the things that they can do and the wonderful opportunities that they have to be a part of God’s church and God’s work and his family. And it’s just exciting. We are officially back from camp, things are just starting to roll a little bit. We’ve had 2 weeks to kind of get back to the normal day to day I think. The routine of it all and it’s given me time to I guess kind of look back and consider how things went. It was absolutely a successful year. You might hear, I don’t know what Mr. Monson will cover I think next week but perhaps he will talk about some of these things but absolutely a successful year, really enjoyed it.

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