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Sabbath Services

While we were at camp, one night on a Friday night before Bible study everybody dressed up in their Bible study clothes and we walked over to behind the dining hall to have a big all camp photo. We try to get you a photo of everybody at one time in one place every year that we have camp. We’re actually having Mr. Dickson’s putting together a yearbook for us so we’ll have a yearbook with some pictures from last year and all of the photos from this year and that all camp photo will be a part of it. The deal was we got down behind the dining hall and the sun was just the wrong angle. It was right over the top of the dining hall, right in the faces of everybody trying to get a picture and so it took about 15 minutes for us to finally you know get in the right position. We actually turned everybody around and took the picture from the opposite direction and people were beginning to sweat, everybody had their Bible study clothes on. It was hot in Texas this year, especially during that week.

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