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Bible Study

Well, good evening everybody. Welcome to the Friday night Bible Study. As you know we’re in Acts, Chapter 20, we’re up to Verse 13 and we want to try and get through Chapter 20 and we’ll see how far we can get through Chapter 21. I do plan to cover all of the Book of Acts here before we get too far into March, before we end the season until November again. And I’m trying to go really from time change to time change and we’ll see if that can work out when get this accomplished or as close to that as we can. Tonight we’ll start again in Verse 13, it says when we, then we went ahead to the ship and sailed to Assus and they’re intended to take Paul on board for so he had given orders or he made arrangements intending himself to go on foot. So Luke and the others here had left Troas for Assus

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