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Bible Study

Good evening, welcome to the Friday night Bible Study. Certainly glad to have all of you with us here again. This is one of the last few we’ll have for the year, just 3 more after tonight and that’ll wrap up our season of Bible Studies until next fall. Tonight we’ll finish up Acts Chapter 21 and all of Chapter 22. We might end a little early, been a busy week, a lot going on but at least we can get to that point. And then we’ll cover 2 chapters in the next 3 Bibles Studies to finish up the Book of Acts. We’ll go right on into Acts Chapter 21 and pick up where we left off last time in Verse 30. It says, and all the city was disturbed and the people ran together seized Paul and dragged him out of the Temple and immediately the doors were shut. So they shut the doors of the Temple due to the tumult that was occurring, this big riot was happening and they didn’t want any, you know damage to anything inside those gates.

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