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Sabbath Services

So I wanted to speak on something timely and what I thought was a good fit was in the annual calendar we’re just literally a little over 24 hours away from the beginning of the Feast of Trumpets. Just hours away from the day that pictures the return of Christ, but also in the millennial schedule we are comparatively speaking a few hours away. We know that there’s a few years left before the return of Christ but we have the 3 1/2 year Tribulation and then however many years leading up to that and we know we are close. So with just so many things going on in this world that are totally unsustainable, they cannot go on for decades and decades and we know we are close. And we’re told that as we know that as the fig on the tree is right we’ll know the time is getting close and we are very close. So it makes for a very exciting Fall Festival because that’s what we will be talking about the coming of Jesus Christ and we look forward to that…

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