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Sabbath Services

I was preparing my sermon, those of you who give sermons and sermonettes know how, you know how this feels. As you’re preparing a sermon it takes time, you meditate on it and putting scriptures together and whatnot. And so anyway when I was doing this for about a week and a half or so I got so many pages you know, just slow process right? And Mike Kreyer he gets up and speaks the same subject that I was going to talk on, speak on and you did a great job Mike. And so anyway, I had to start all over again. It takes me about a year to put something together and it feels like 10 years. But anyway, I’ve got something together and I figured well let me do this and let me do that and do this and it ended up with The Sermon on the Mount and low and behold Mr. Fritts come out and gave a beautiful sermon on the Sermon on the Mount.

Sermon ID: 1675247669