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Sabbath Services

Looking to the example of ancient Israel, we can see that God, in His abundant mercy and grace, is willing to forgive even the most abominable sins if we only repent because He wants us to be His family. God’s grace and inheritance is a gift, not earned. God will never give up on us. He has no limit on His love for us. We should ask ourselves if we are heading for the lake of fire or if we are on the track to the kingdom. The parable of the vineyard workers hired at different times of the day, but all receive the same wages by the landowner is found in Matthew 20. Our blessings, both individually and nationally, physically and spiritually, are a result of God’s grace. We haven’t earned our blessings- that goes for those who have been blessed little as well as those who have been blessed much. Israel was called as God’s chosen people, yet Israel played the harlot and rejected their deliverer. Prophecy tells us that adulterous Israel will be abused by her lovers, and as a punishment for her crimes, will be publicly shamed and stoned (as was the custom of the day). She betrayed her lover, breaking her marriage contract, entered into an abusive relationship willingly, and will be punished for her abominable behavior. In time, every sin will be brought into light and God sees all anyway. We are accountable for our actions. God wants us to be His despite our sinful ways. We are saved by grace, but through faith. We must develop a pure and deep thankfulness for that calling.