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Sabbath Services

From a human perspective, it is easy to minimize your experience and life as nothing but another flawed being among billions. Why would God care about you? Has God forgotten about you? Have your problems obscured your vision? Matthew 10 vs 31 tells us that the very hairs of our head are numbered. God knows you. He is always with His people. Israel goes through predictable cycles where they receive God with joy and obey Him, but soon grow complacent and ungrateful for their blessings, allow themselves to be seduced by sin and drawn away to a sinful life further and further from God until their blessings all fall away, and in their suffering, they re-find God. God knows our character, yet He still loves and has hope for us. He will help us in all the areas we cannot help ourselves if we only do our part. God calls us living stones to take part in His work. He has called us to be molded and shaped into His character. He makes where He is working and who He is working with clear. God cares for His own. Do we take care and zeal in showing God He is first in our lives? Do we reciprocate His love? Seeing Paul and Stephen’s scriptural examples, we can come to see how we can put God first despite persecution and trial. He prunes because He cares. We must be building a close, one-on-one relationship with God. We will only win if we are serious enough about our goal to put nothing in front of it. Matthew 6 vs 33 tells us what that goal should be. Put God first and everything else will follow.