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Sabbath Services

Examine yourself, proving yourself worthy of taking the Passover. Do you expend the same effort, time, focus, and heart into becoming spiritually unleavened for the spring Holy Days as you prepare physically? When looking at yourself through the lens of scripture, it requires more than a quick glance. Search, seek, and correct. Do you truly know yourself? God’s word is the ruler by which we measure ourselves, the book by which we understand ourselves, the key to the relationship by which we know ourselves. Examine yourself and root out your flaws lest you be disqualified. Ask God to show you gently your sins and help you change. What fruit are you bearing? Examination is commanded and requires diligence. The world has pagan holidays. God gives His people the Holy Days. What is your practice? The only sign Christ gave of His messiahship is that He would be, after His crucifixion, three full days and three full nights in the tomb before His resurrection. Mr. Lowe spends some time going through this timeline and debunking some of the common misconceptions surrounding it. Understanding this sign is pivotal in recognizing Christ’s authority as King and role as our Messiah. We need to examine ourselves as to whether we have blindly believed what we have been told, or if we are growing in grace and knowledge. As we draw near to Passover, we need to be self-examining and growing daily.