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Sabbath Services

A Roman soldier spears Christ’s side and He dies thereafter – John 19 vs. 24. After identifying Judas as the betrayer, Christ gave some last messages before His final prayers and arrest leading up to His crucifixion. Christ’s beating and scourging was so severe that He was beyond recognition. David’s psalm of Christ’s suffering at the crucifixion is very prophetic – Psalm 22. While our inheritance is part of the package deal, pain and suffering and persecution are also included. Life is short and there are going to be difficulties. This way of life is a choice. If we want to be partakers of His inheritance, we have to be partakers of His suffering. By Christ’s stripes we are healed. Moving into this Passover season, we must be examining ourselves. Ask yourself how positive, uplifting, edifying you are to those around you? God needs to see that we are putting an effort into living His way. All we have to do is do our part and trust that God will always do His. Our sins are the reason Christ had to be sacrificed. His shed blood paid for our sins. With His death, the note of debt for our sins, if and when repented of, was nailed to the cross, not the law. We are responsible for His death. He did it for us. He gave it freely. Do not make His sacrifice in vain. Every time we sin, we make His crucifixion needful again. With this knowledge, we have to move forward from our sins, and like the adulterous woman, must go and sin no more.