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Youth Christian Living

Theme for Christian Living Classes: Well, Good morning everyone and welcome to everybody tuning in on the stream here this morning! We’ll be streaming all the Christian Living classes so we’ll have 10 of these. Today is the 1st official day of camp. We’re in Texas, and it is beautiful, it’s in the 80’s today and cool and a little bit overcast, but just a beautiful day. A little over 200 people here at camp, about 210 people so that’s exciting to have so many people and all the activities we’ll get rolling, so I hope you look forward to today. Once again, if you’re tuning in we’ll be streaming Bibles Studies on Friday night and Sabbath services as well on both Sabbaths. So tune on in and take a look on what’s happening here at camp. So if you look behind me you see our banner on the wall that is the theme for all the Christian Living classes at camp this summer. We always pick a theme for Christian Living.

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