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Youth Christian Living

To Know the Love of God: Okay so for Christian Living Class, Class number 2, I don’t know if I’m going to sit or stand or what but, we’re gonna go ahead and jump right in. We’re trying to prepare right now, all of us to prepare for the greatest event in the history of mankind. The return of Jesus Christ to the Earth and that change is coming, regardless of whether or not we are ready. That change is coming and that change is going to be awesome. We’re going to talk more about that next week but, before His return we will witness before the return of Jesus Christ we are going to witness the most devastating time in human history. Before we witness the return of Jesus Christ we will have the most devastating time in human history. Maybe you’ve heard this mentioned before, I’m sure you have, I’m sure you’re thinking right now, well thanks a lot for keeping it so positive and uplifting today, let’s talk about the end of the world, fantastic. In some ways, yeah we need to talk about these things, we need to not be sitting scared in a corner, we need to not be hiding under a blanket in our room. We need to prepare ourselves accordingly.

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