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First Day of Unleavened Bread

Leading up to the days of unleavened bread, do we spend so much time focusing on putting out the physical leaven that we neglect the leaven in our spiritual house? Physical application is important, but it is useless if not paired with the spiritual. Spiritual leaven stunts our character growth. Mr. Lawrence examines two common sins that render us spiritually leavened and encourages the brethren to self-examine and root out these invasive sins: (1) Lack of forgiveness. Looking to the parable of the unforgiving servant, the account of the Passover foot washing, and others, we see the importance of unconditional forgiveness in a Christian’s life, that humility lays the foundation for a forgiving attitude, and warnings of the toll bitterness has on our spiritual lives. (2) Pride. Pride is the antithesis of humility. This cardinal sin is so powerful, that it was the one Ezekiel attributes to Lucifer’s downfall. Humility comes when we see ourselves for what we are and fear God in awe and reverence. Humility is the cure for pride and for lack of forgiveness. If we do not see our faults, we need to pray that God will show us. God cannot work with prideful people. Mr. Lawrence ends his message reinforcing the purpose of trials, of building character, and of how to self-examine and build humility. We must cleanse our spiritual house of leaven.