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Last Day of Unleavened Bread

In a close parallel to the morning service, Mr. Fritts begins his message by detailing the current state of affairs. Our divided house is soon to fall. Christ’s second coming is soon coming. The way to life isn’t easy; the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. We cannot lay aside the word of God because growth is uncomfortable. We have a choice- to flee sin now prepares us to flee physically when the time comes or to stay in the world because it is comfortable and easy. God makes it clear what he does to those who do not yield to Him in faithful obedience, but we still have a choice. Exodus 13 shows that the Israelites left Egypt by God’s miraculous deliverance. They were to put out the leaven and eat unleavened bread for 7 days. Just so, we have been called out of sin and the ways of this world to walk in newness of life. Ancient Israel’s flight out of Egypt provides a lot of information on clues of what the end-time flight to the Place of Safety will be like. Mr. Fritts goes through this comparison, as well as comparing the end-time exodus of God’s people to Lot’s leaving Sodom and Noah and the Ark. We are told in Romans that “they are not all Israel who are of Israel.” To show up and follow the commandments like checkboxes is not enough. The letter of the law is merely the foundation for a greater spiritual application. We must strengthen our character and prove our loyalty to God now if we want to be among those counted worthy to escape the soon-coming Great Tribulation.