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Sabbath Services

“Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends.” (John 15 vs. 13) What kind of commitment is required to sacrifice our most prized physical possession- our life- for someone else? Satan knows our propensity for self-preservation and will use it against us at every turn. Will we cave to save our physical body? Or will we stand firm as Job did? To develop the loyalty to God necessary to present ourselves as living sacrifices, we must develop spiritual fruit. Mr. Monson showcases each fruit of the spirit, expounding on their practical application in our daily lives. He continues with 3 examples of positive commands in scripture that build our relationships with our fellow brethren and with God, allowing true friendships to build: (1) To assemble, (2) To fellowship, & (3) to faithfully keep tithes and offerings. Next, we briefly look at Christ’s pinnacle example of sacrificing oneself for his friends. We conclude with an accounting of the disciple’s extreme commitment to this task, and a reminder of what awaits those who value their spiritual life above their physical one.