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Sabbath Services

Mr. Kreyer explores the calling of God’s people to be Christian soldiers. He delves into what the term means, knowing how & why to fight, and finally profiles who is being fought in this cosmic war. This end time is not a time of peace nor rest. The reality of a Christian life is to march forward, always on guard lest one suffer spiritual shipwreck. Matthew proclaims that the Kingdom of God can only be inherited through all-out, violently vigilant effort.  If Christians don’t know why they fight – for the upward call of eternity in the God family – they will never be victorious. Those who do not love and prioritize this calling above all else will never be the faithful few who live and die by this cause. Paul provides a stellar example of continuing, enduring faith in the account at the end of his life in 2 Timothy. God would never leave His people without the means to succeed. The bible is the battlefield manual to this spiritual war. Ephesians lay out the armor of God, the battlefield attire and equipment every disciple must daily don in this war for their lives. There is no piece of armor to protect the back, because turning around and quitting is not an option. Next, Mr. Kreyer explains the enemies in the Christian war are the three S’s: Satan, Society, and Self. Self-centeredness leads to pride which opens the door for sin. Sin snowballs into a path that leads to death. Christians are called to live the give way. To overcome self, Christians must bring their thoughts into captivity, and rely not on their own strength, but on God’s. Galatians explain that this is an evil age. Despite the glitter and allure of the world’s pleasures, Christians must maintain the vision that God’s way is the only path that produces lasting benefits. The world hates those who are not of it. To overcome society, disciplines must live their lives in a pledged allegiance towards God, not the world. Lastly, James gives the key to overcome the greatest of all enemies, the Father of lies: “submit to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you.” Mr. Kreyer ends the sermon on a hopeful note- Christians do not battle alone. The body of Christ is a united front against the enemy, and Christ is the captain of salvation. With God on their side, the saints will prevail. 

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