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Sabbath Services

Before king Hezekiah was to die, God warns him to get his house in order. Our days are numbered, so our physical, and much more importantly, our spiritual affairs must be in order. Mr. Lawrence begins with some practical guidance on having your physical house in order so that your death does not become a burden nor a stumbling block for your loved ones. Given the importance of these physical considerations, imagine how much more crucial the spiritual component to this principle is. Our nation is imploding due chiefly to our widespread abandonment of God and secondarily to our rejection of the rule of law. Justice no longer reigns in the lands. Mr. Lawrence goes on to explain that the mark of the beast is fast approaching, and we must evaluate whether we are spiritual Philadelphians or Laodiceans if we are to stand when that day comes. We continue with the parable of the sower, urging the brethren to be the good seed that falls on good land. If we are not deeply rooted in the faith now, we will have to make our robes white in the coming tribulation, in the martyrdom of the saints. We must become living sacrifices lest we have to be a dying sacrifice, and worse yet, not make it into the Kingdom of God at all. For the remainder of the message, we look to sterling examples of disciples who had their priorities straight, their focus fixed, their house in order. After speaking on Moses and Paul, the sermon ends with an exhortation to wake up “for the day is at hand.
Time is short and Christ is soon coming, “Standfast, wash, be brave, be strong” and get your house in order.