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Sabbath Services

Without faith, it is impossible to please God. Do we have the faith to know that no matter what trails are going on in our lives, that God will see us through? Mr. Lowe examines the mighty acts and miracles done at the hands of those who exhibited godly faith. It’s easier to see the silver lining of our tribulation from the comfort of cool, still waters. Do we maintain perspective in the midst of the fire? Mr. Lowe continues in the sermon to define faith and explain why it is essential to the life of a true Christian. He then outlines the steps Paul provides us in Hebrews as to how to build our faith – (1) to pray for faith, (2) to be of a pure heart, (3) to hold fast to the truth, (4) to stir up love and good works, (5) “to recall the former days in which… [we] were illuminated”, (6) to endure, & (7) to live humbly. The message ends with the hopeful return of our soon coming savior and the reward of the faithful.