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Sabbath Services

You know some years ago I had an experience I wanted to relate before I get into the body of want I want to speak about. But I was down at my place of business and one of the employees came rather briskly walking toward me I could see he was concerned, kind of distraught and you know I’m always apprehensive when I see that look in someone’s face especially employee. What happened? Was there was an accident, was there a wreck, what happened? He came right up to my truck and paused for a moment and he said,”What it is that you believe?” And it was like he was bothered, I don’t know exactly what was going on in his life. But I questioned him, what do you mean? I was caught off guard by that question and you know, what do you believe? Because they, all the employees were taught to bring the trucks in. I try to get them in an hour early on Friday.

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