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Sabbath Services

Mr. Fritts opens with a video briefing of his and Mr. Monson’s recent church visit to the Philippines. No matter the distance that physically separates the brethren, all are bound by their collective calling. To those suffering and to those with little who lead simple, humble lives, the Kingdom of God is the only hope of a better life. In this tremendously blessed country, is the eager anticipation of the Kingdom as passionate and as urgent? Or do the people of this nation feel they do not need God? It is said it is more difficult for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of God than for a camel to pass through the eye of the needle. The only way either can happen is through divine intervention. One doesn’t need to own a Ferrari to be rich. Compared to the vast majority of mankind in the world and through history, today’s generation lives in immeasurable comfort, ease, and wealth. Has this comfort fostered a gratefulness toward God or complacency? Christians must live and breathe for their calling. To be about The Father’s business is the only thing that matters. The Great Commission has been given as a privilege and responsibility for God’s people to fulfill every moment of every day until the end. The 3-fold Great Commission is detailed in all three synoptic gospels, hammering home the responsibility to make disciples of all men in all nations, baptize them, and teach them. The parable of the rich fool emphasizes that Christians ought to prioritize richness toward God, not physical wealth and goods. The body is bound and knit to accomplish this mission together. They say blood is thicker than water; how thick is the Holy Spirit? Looking to the example of the newly established church in Acts 2 and beyond, the people are shown to “have all things in common”, “continuing daily with one accord.” The people gave all they had physically and spiritually to move the work of God forward. Work is a tool to accomplish service which is why God so heavily emphasizes the need to do work in scripture. Despite the growing persecution by king Saul and others against the servants of God, the people of Acts continued in the work undeterred. Even the martyrdom of apostles, starting with Stephen, and scattering of the church was not sufficient to bully the disciples into ceasing from doing the Work, the Great Commission. Philip, a deacon, and Agabus, a prophet, continued on in the work of God despite growing persecution. They are but two scriptural examples representing the whole faithful body of the New Testament church. Aquila and Priscila, a tent-making, Jewish-Italian couple illustrate that every member of the body of Christ, not just the ministry, has an essential role to play in the work of God. Persecution is not a deterrent to the faithful. All that is lost in the name of Christ will be restored 100-fold in the Kingdom of God. This calling is the only thing that matters.