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Sabbath Services

Benedict Arnold was an esteemed ware hero who fought fearlessly on behalf of his country for many years. The man loved America, led with strength, and even volunteered for risky battles. This warrior, however, eventually turned his back on all he knew, defecting to Britain. He turned traitorous spy who was deemed the Judas of his time. In 2 Corinthians 13, Paul exhorts the brethren to evaluate themselves. Sometimes people look like they have it all together, but no one is immune to falling away. This week, Biden declared Easter as National Transgender Awareness day. Every generation thinks theirs is the worst, and they are right. Our focus needs to be on God and the kingdom. As the world waxes worse, we need to be more focused, locked in, loyal to God than ever before. What made Benedict Arnold turn into such a disloyal traitor? He was in it for himself. He fought for fame and status, looking to what he could get over what he could give to his country. God calls His those who obey. Our loyalty must have evidence of action behind it. If sin dwells in you, it will direct your steps towards evil., If you let Christ dwell in you, He will guide your path to the right way. We have had the same problems – more or less – throughout human history. Mr. Loper goes through David and Saul’s relationship as a show of true loyalty on David’s part despite Saul’s lack of loyalty towards David. How much more should we submit to a perfect leader, our heavenly father? Continuing in David’s life, we see the betrayal associated with his son Amon, his son Absalom, and his right-hand man Joab. David was a man acquainted with grief and someone who understood the value of loyalty. On the other hand, Ruth and Naomi’s account gives us a stellar example of true loyalty. We are either loyal completely or not at all. Place your loyalty, without reservation or condition, with someone who will never break it- Place your loyalty with God.