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Sabbath Services

God works. He is a creator. Angels were created to work as employees in the creating business. The angels predate the physical universe. Then comes the creation of matter. The 3 archangels were made as light bringers, each given authority on Earth over ½ of all the angels. Then Lucifer rebelled. At his rebellion, he drew a third of the angels with him. The rebellion and ensuing angelic warfare destroyed the Earth, bringing it to a state of Tohu and Bohu. God has to bring about the Genesis restoration of the Earth following the angelic warfare that destroyed the prehistoric world. On Day one of recreation, God starts with bringing light. This creation renders the Earth habitable. The six days creating Earth as we know it are capped off with the creation of man in God’s form and likeness. Then God rests on the seventh day. God created man with the power of intellect and free moral agency, but character, by definition, must be developed by the entity’s own choice against tests. After Eden was created, Adam was put within it and given instructions regarding the trees. Then Eve was created and her and Adam became one. Despite God giving them instruction, history, and supplying their every need and blessing them tremendously, they cave at the first pressure that comes their way. God’s way brings light. Satan’s way is the way of darkness. The rest of the sermon considers the beatitudes and how, by embodying them, we can fulfill our calling of being lights in an ever-darkening world