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Bible Study

Well, good evening everyone. Welcome to the Friday evening Bible study here again on Friday night, January 13th. It’s hard to believe we’re zipping through Romans like this, we’re into Chapter 11 and 12. We’ll go through two chapters here tonight and once we finish it looks like we’ll have two more studies to wrap up the Book of Romans. We’ll jump right into the next Epistle, obviously Romans is one of those books that can be difficult to understand. It takes, I’m taking a little bit more time than I will have to in some of the Epistles because we’re laying a groundwork or foundation of what is you know, justification? What is grace and how are we reconciled to God and what is the word propitiation mean and how does that fit into the scheme of things? What is the topic of predestination all about and other big topics that we’re discussing?

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