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Day of Atonement

Revelation 20 vs. 1-3 reveals prophecy of the end-time fulfillment of the Day of Atonement. As pictured by this fateful day, Satan and the demons will be bound in the bottomless pit while Christ will rule for a Millennium over the entire Earth. In preparation for that day, we are commanded to afflict our souls on a day of fasting . Fasting humbles us, reminding us of our own frailty and our reliance on God for sustaining us. Christ came to serve, and to show us to do likewise. If service opportunities always at the most convenient times, it wouldn’t be much of a sacrifice. This Day of Atonement brings about Godly sorrow, humility, and leads to the proper submission that draws us to God. This is a day of prayer and fasting.Satan is the current ruler of this world, but this day reminds us that his days are numbered. Let’s review the Day of Atonement in past, present, and future practice, and examine what lessons are to be learned from this sanctified day.