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Sabbath Services

We should put as much effort into thanking God as we do asking Him for things. Mr. Wayne reviews a few accounts of biblical events which historically occurred around the Last Great Day- The adulterous woman Christ saves from stoning and forgives and the eyesight miracle of John 9 in particular. The former pictures judgement and mercy, and the latter the opening of the world’s eyes when God’s holy spirit is poured out upon all mankind. Mr. Wayne likens idolatry to adultery, only one being physical and the other spiritual. The first commandment is to have no gods before the one true God. The third is not to take His name in vain. Going through God’s laws which command respect, awe, and obedience to Him are pondered alongside the scriptural accounts showing his merciful, just judgment to show that the one, true God is worthy of all reverence we can afford Him.