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Sabbath Services

End-time travesties are coming upon the world scene as a consequence of our sins. There may be a transient peace in the Middle East, but the war going on in Israel and Gaza now are not going away. Such is part of the terror appointed upon a rebellious, end-of-days generation. Our nation has been the single greatest nation in human history, yet is growing weaker and weaker, and our allies are losing faith in us. God is beginning to remove our blessings and protection due to our national sins. Prophecies are culminating before our very eyes. We ought to be watching and praying always. Time is short. This generation shall not pass away before Christ’s second coming. The end of days is almost upon us. Mr. Monsoon goes through four keys in understanding that THIS generation is the one talked on in Matthew 24 as the generation that shall not pass: (1) Mankind would be on the brink of cosmocide. (2) Many run to and fro and knowledge increases. (3) Only one Holy Roman Empire revival remains. (4) The gospel preached unto all nations before the end. The things we have talked about for thousands of years are about to happen. Do we have a sense of urgency? Are we preparing?