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Sabbath Services

What would happen if everyone was to pay a flat tax of 10% regardless of socioeconomic status? Would a 10% for all be fair and equitable? It would be predictable, even, and low for everyone. The estimated 178 billion spent a year in tax preparation costs would be eliminated. Under this system, the poor can’t mooch and the rich can’t exploit. Simple is usually better. Do you have the answers and confidence to be able to establish a new, godly economic system? As God’s people, as readers and understanders of His holy word, we should have the answers. God gives us all the base principles to run  a world, a nation, a community, a home, a life. Why do we see financial crises in the world today? This nation has robbed God in tithes and offerings. As a natural consequence, God has begun to remove national blessings. These curses follow on the individual level as well. We are on the brink of civil war. We are a house far from God, and a house divided against itself cannot stand. This rot is too far gone to be remediated. Let’s review the three tithes God has established. What defines each? Why and how do we keep them? How does keeping God’s system of tithing personally lead to personal blessings? How will the future worldwide establishment of this system lead to worldwide peace and prosperity?